New Blog!

With tonnes of photos to deal with and results day looming ahead (4 days to be exact!), I’ve decided to create a new website and start blogging.  I’ve always been terrible at writing and expressing myself so here’s my brave attempt.

So, to start off, this website/blog is going to be about my work and photography.  I aim to post something at least once a month and let people know what I am up to and my upcoming plans.

I am currently working part time at a camera shop in Central, Hong Kong.  It is a very fresh and rewarding experience.  Last week, one of the staff kindly taught me the C-41 and E to C processes (I’ve already learnt the B&W process at school) so I processed my own roll of film this morning.

This is my first attempt at 120 film, taken on a Hasselblad 500C.  I’m pretty happy with the results given it’s my first try on medium format photography.  I’ve scanned the 12 photos and here’s one of them.

img257 1 resized

View from Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Taken from Kennedy Town, Hong Kong.  The cable-stayed bridge in the distance across the harbour is the Stonecutters Bridge (昂船洲大橋).  This same view looks kind of hideous on my DSLR due to the haze, but surprisingly looks okay on film!

Will be posting the rest of the photos when I do a review of the camera and the film I used.


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