Kodak Ektar 100

Ektar100_120-500x638World’s Finest Grain – Ektar 100 Colour Negative Film

The Kodak Ektar 100 is an extremely fine-grain film, and has very saturated colours.  The red gets punched up, and the blue is enhanced especially in low light conditions, making it a great film for landscape photography.

The film can be easily scanned.  I didn’t have to use colour restoration when I scanned my negatives, and the colours look very natural – vibrant but realistic.  The colours are also similar to what I caught on my DSLR.

Grain is minimal.  It only comes out when under-exposed.  It is also worth noting that the grain on a 120 film is about half as visible at any enlargement than on a 135 film.

The only downside is that this film does not work well with skin tones, and therefore might not be a good choice for shooting portraits.

(I’ve read that white people looks pink – didn’t get to try that though!)

It is an excellent film to use on sunny days, but you might want a tripod in hand or avoid using it because its ISO being 100 makes it tough to use in low light conditions or at night.

I really like the natural colours and contrast of this film, would love to use it again soon!

img256 1

Sai Wan Swimming Shed  (1/125s f/8)

img259 1

img260 1

img264 2

img266 1

img262 1

img257 1 resized


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