This past week was hectic and chaotic at first – moving in, unpacking and organising, shopping, things to sort out, registering with the doctor, and more shopping…  Now that I got most of that out of the way, I’m starting to enjoy my life as a university student.

Getting onto the Marine & Natural History Photography course was just a dream two years ago, now I feel like I’m having the best time of my life.  I got to meet interesting people and people who share the same passion as I do.  The highlight of the week has to be a field trip on Thursday to the Lizard, and a boat trip up River Fal yesterday.

IMG_9266 1

The forecast for the day of the Lizard trip has been changing every day I checked, so I just gave up checking.  Fortunately we had plenty of sunshine and wind, just a short shower in between, everything was fine except the fact that I wore long sleeves and I nearly got heatstroke by the end of the hike… I was expecting cold strong winds… and it was sooo heavy carrying three Canon cameras with their own lenses: 6D with 300mm, 600D with 18-250mm, and AE1P with 50mm.

Sightings of several Atlantic grey seals, seagulls, a kestrel hovering in mid air in search of food, and small birds which I still cannot recognise (Need to work hard and hopefully I will be able name most of them by the end of Year 1).  There were also bees defying the strong winds, and cows grazing grass near a cliff.  We hiked to Kynance Cove.

IMG_9301 1

I borrowed a Canon EOS 6D and a 300mm f/4 lens from the stores.  This is the first time I used a full frame camera and a prime telephoto lens, and it took me a bit of time to adjust to it.  I tried shooting all photos in manual – manual settings, manual focus, and ended up some photos out of focus.  As much as I like all my photos in focus, it feels so good to be in control of everything!  This is one thing I’ve learned from taking photos on film with analogue cameras.

Since it’s my first time on a prime telephoto lens, and the 300mm wasn’t quite enough (might take out the 400mm lens next), I didn’t get as many good photos but here is my most favourite one:

_MG_0905 1



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