From The Hide

So I decided to make the most of freshers’ week and wake up at quarter to 6 to visit the hide on campus with 3 other people on the course.

Despite being tired and sleepy (still half asleep) and hungry and cold, I managed to see and capture on camera birds I have never seen (or rather notice) in the UK in the past 2 years.  On the way to the hide there were already birds chirping, pleasantly waking me up.  We arrived at the hide on campus at around 6:30 in the morning when the sun hasn’t even risen yet, and stayed there till 10.

We saw great tits, blue tits, coal tits, nuthatches, robins (adults and a juvenile in the infinity pool before sunrise), chaffinches (male and juvenile) as well as an invader  – a squirrel that ate almost half the seeds that were laid on the ‘table’.

I found that while tits usually come from behind the bushes, quickly grab a seed and then fly off to a sheltered place to enjoy their meal, nuthatches grab as many seeds as they can along a branch.  They were really quick which made them very hard to photograph, especially in the low light condition.

_MG_1753 1

Chaffinch (male) on tree branch

_MG_2016 1

_MG_2048 1

Blue Tit on bird feeder

_MG_1605 1

Great Tit on bird feeder

_MG_1833 1

_MG_1955 1


_MG_1985 1

_MG_2118 1

_MG_2037 1

_MG_1696 1

It was great fun spending the Sunday morning in the hide and seeing so many birds.  Special thanks to Josh who kindly let me tag along and taught me to identify the birds – I’m getting there:)


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