Sleepless Weekend

I was very sleep deprived this past weekend – went to St. Agnes on Saturday night, beach clean in Falmouth the next day, and Kynance Cove for some more moonlit landscape and the supermoon lunar eclipse at night.  But I ended up with photos I’d never dreamed of taking, from moonlit landscapes to the blood moon – well worth the 4:20 am finish.

The moon was so bright these two days that we didn’t even need a torch to find our way out onto the cliffs.  I used a 14mm for wide angle landscapes, and a 300mm f/4 with a 2x converter (which makes it a 600mm f/8) for photographing the moon.  This is my first attempt at wide angle landscapes and shooting the moon on such a long lens – definitely need a lot more work!

We headed to the Lizard Peninsula for the rare event on Sunday night / Monday morning.  The sky became significantly darker when the lunar eclipse started, and we began to see the Milky Way, as well as numerous shooting stars above us.  I would say this is one of the best weekend of my life!

IMG_6191 1

St. Agnes – Wheal Coates

IMG_6194 2

St. Agnes – Wheal Coates

IMG_6209 1

St. Agnes – Wheal Coates

kynance cove pan 1

Kynance Cove

IMG_6228 1

IMG_6358 1

And Max thank you so much for the lifts and letting me tag along – learned a lot from you 🙂


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