Botallack, Kennall Vale and Godrevy

I know this is long overdue, but here’s a summary of what I did in the second half of my very exciting reading week: –

Took me 2 1/2 hours on a bus to get to the Botallack Mines, and more than 3 hours to get back to campus, but the long trip was definitely worth it.  I spent around 4 hours sitting on a cliff overlooking the historical site, watching Mediterranean gulls glide past with ease whilst I was being battered by the strong wind and rain.

IMG_0843 1 wm fb

I visited Kennall Vale again on Halloween day (very suitable for the day as the valley was originally used to produce gunpowder, and people have died there in accidents before…).  Some of the honey fungi were much bigger compared to the previous week and were starting to rot.  I strolled along the stream, following grey wagtails that were hopping about on the ground.  I also found this Great Red Slug (Arion rufus) by the steps of a building covered in ivy.  It was rocking from side to side like a ball of jelly – this is one of the main feature of the species when it is disturbed so I was able to identify it, and confirmed that it was indeed a Great Red Slug after it uncurled a little bit after at least 20 minutes.

IMG_0939 1 wm fb

On the last day of reading week I went to Godrevy with Max (a second year on the course), Rebekah and Jaime.  The weather was looking rather grim in the morning, but it cleared up and it was sunny and warm like summer by the time we got to Godrevy – many people were sunbathing (quite an unusual sight for me as it was already November).  Spent some time rockpooling – my first time, and I was amazed by the amount of life that was hiding in the shadows of the rockpools.  Here’s the biggest blenny we found:

IMG_1056 1 wm fb

We stayed for sunset – it was a very beautiful one:

IMG_1584 1 wm fb

The best thing to round-up the reading week – DOLPHINS!!!  They were really far from us but this is possibly the first time (I think) for me to see dolphins in the wild!  There were about 10 of them and I caught one jumping against the remaining light of the sunset:

IMG_1558 2 wm fb


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