On the Road – MNHP Cairngorms 2017

We’re off!!  We are heading up to Cairngorms National Park now – a 8(ish)-hour journey up to Haydock for the first leg today.

halfway up the country

11 of us (13 including David and Mark) are on the trip and we’re all very excited to take a lot of photos and have a great time!

Selfie by David on the van

Below are the websites of those who have an online portfolio so feel free to check all of them out!

Those without a website (whose images you may see on this blog) are Aaron Burden, Adam Bowker, Becca Witt, Georgia Raybould, and Jason Pritchard.

I’ll be posting everyday at around 8-9pm (or a bit earlier). The blog will be about our adventures of the day and some of our highlights of the day (photos!) if time allows.

We will be visiting WWT Martin Mere tomorrow so hopefully it will be a good day (although the weather forecast says otherwise…). I hope I can tick some species off my British birds list as well!  I promise this blog will look more colourful from tomorrow when we start taking photos 🙂

Thank you for any likes, comments and shares!


Do not use, download, post, publish or distribute any image or photo within this website for any use whatsoever without prior written permission and consent.


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