The Falls of Bruar and Arrival! – MNHP Cairngorms 2017

We were treated to a very nice dinner and amazing cheesecakes by Holly’s dad last night before we finally entered Scotland and travelled up to Stirling for the night.

Today we left the travelodge at 8:30am again and drove into Cairngorms National Park. We headed to the Falls of Bruar, where we did some landscape photography and spent a good time lying next to a pond, waiting for the frogs to pop their heads out of the water.

I tried some ‘extreme compositions’ and a lot of negative space with the frogs:

IMG_9137 1 wm

Frog within its habitat

_C2C0450 1 wm

Half-submerged frog next to spawn

_C2C0529 1 wm

Wide-angle photo of Hoof Fungus

_C2C0560 1 bw wm.jpg

Black and white waterfall

After another 2 hour drive in the largest national park in the whole of UK, we have finally arrived at our “base camp” for the next few days.  We were treated to the first blue skies since the start of our trip on the way up to our cottages, and we stopped off in the middle for some photos of Scottish landscapes.

Not long after arrival our Tesco delivery arrived – looks like a lot but I’m sure 13 of us can go through everything these 6-7 days!


this is only part of it!

Carys and Mark are at the Black Grouse hide tonight, and Becca and I will be off early tomorrow morning to photograph red squirrels.  The rest of the day we will be up on Cairngorm Mountain for ptarmigan and red grouse.

Some photos we’ve got from today and yesterday at Martin Mere:

© Will Parkinson

© Aaron Burden

© Josh Pawlowski


© Adam Bowker

© Holly Wilkinson

© David Chapman

Just leaving this here tonight:

_C2C0383 1 resized.jpg

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog 🙂

Do not use, download, post, publish or distribute any image or photo within this website for any use whatsoever without prior written permission and consent.


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