Let It Snow – MNHP Cairngorms 2017

No one was in the black grouse hide last night as we had an extremely early start this morning to catch the sunrise at Loch Morlich. There were a few clouds around when we arrived, giving us chance to get some long exposures and reflections done before we got covered by the clouds and snow. Some of us switched to our telephoto lenses to photograph some snowy tree lines. The sun broke through the clouds after an hour, and Mark took the chance to do a panorama with GigaPan.


Holly’s selfie at Loch Morlich


© Will Parkinson


© Will Parkinson


© Josh Pawlowski


© Josh Pawlowski


© Jason Pritchard

We went back up Cairngorm Mountain to photograph the snow buntings we saw the day we went up for ptarmigans. After some time looking for them around the car park, we found them in the picnic area again. We spent around 3 hours photographing them, and Josh, Carys, Becca and I practised some stalking with David. Mark persevered in one position and his hard work paid off, we even got some good photos of snow buntings in the falling snow thanks to him.

_C2C4376 1 wm.jpg

Snow Bunting in a flurry

_C2C3953 1 wm

snow buntings having a squabble over food

_C2C3805 1 wm

snow bunting in snow


© Ben Watkins


© Aaron Burden


© Carys Fearns

© Will Parkinson

© Jason Pritchard

© Mark Wallwork

A group of us went to Dell Woods after lunch while the others went back to our basecamp for some rest after the early start. We walked into the woods and settled down in front of some feeders. We had much better luck today – it was only 10 minutes into the session when we got 2 crested tits coming onto the feeders. The crested tits went back and forth repeatedly so we had a great time photographing them. We also had one male bullfinch having a feeder all to itself at one point, but the female was reluctant. Some snow also gave us a chance for some wintry photos. Unfortunately no red squirrel turned up but we left feeling extremely happy.

_C2C4838 1 wm

Crested Tit

_C2C4726 1 wm

Male Bullfinch on feeder in the snow

_C2C4605 1 wm

Crested Tit on feeder

© Carys Fearns


© Josh Pawlowski

As you may see from the photos, we had quite a bit of snow today. Cairngorm Mountain looked totally different from the other day!

It is Holly and Georgia’s turn at the black grouse hide tonight:

Here’s a photo Ben got from the black grouse hide the other morning:


© Ben Watkins

Some other photos from this week:


© Will Parkinson

© Jason Pritchard

Sorry for the short post today as Becca and I were cooking, hope you have enjoyed today’s post 🙂

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