Birds of Prey & Boxing Hares – MNHP Cairngorms 2017

This morning was clear and we have some set snow around. A group of us went out with Mark again to photograph red grouse and mountain hare at the ski lodge. Becca and I went to the top to look for mountain hares, and by following the footprints in the snow, we tracked two of them to a slope. We went downhill and zig-zagged back up to try and get near to them, but the mountain hares at the lodge were quite skittish. We didn’t get as close as the guys did yesterday, but we have never been able to get that close before. Hopefully we will get even closer at Ladders Hill tomorrow. We also got some oystercatchers on the way, as well as lapwings at the junction like last time.

_C2C7091 1 wm

Mountain Hare

Becca Witt - Mountain Hare.jpg

Mountain Hare © Becca Witt


Mountain Hare © Will Parkinson


Red Grouse © Mark Wallwork


Female Red Grouse © Holly Wilkinson


Male Red Grouse © Holly Wilkinson

Ben and Jason were photographing the red squirrels in the hide this morning. They had at most 3 red squirrels visiting to grab peanuts, and they also had 3 brown hares sprinting past!

Today was an easier day compared to yesterday – we were photographing birds of prey today in the woods 20 minutes away from our base camp. We had to be careful of ticks as well.

_C2C7765 1 wm

Peregrine pulling a pigeon apart

_C2C8902 1 wm.jpg

quite happy to get this shot of the Eagle Owl in flight

_C2C8715 1 wm

Barn Owl

Becca Witt - Golden Eagle.jpg

Golden Eagle © Becca Witt

Becca Witt - Eagle Owl.jpg

Eagle Owl in flight © Becca Witt

Becca Witt - John & Peregrine.jpg

John Barrie the handler with the goshawk © Becca Witt


Peregrine © Will Parkinson


Golden Eagle © Will Parkinson


Barn Owl © Josh Pawlowski


Golden Eagle © Josh Pawlowski


Barn Owl © Aaron Burden


Tawny Owl © Mark Wallwork (one for the photography stores people, says Mark)

David peregrine

Peregrine © David Chapman

David goshawk

Female Goshawk © David Chapman

We also took turns holding the Golden Eagle and the Eagle Owl –

_C2C8566 1 resized.jpg

David having an intimate moment with the Golden Eagle

Highlight of the day was during lunchtime: we had brown hares boxing on the opposite side of the road and they seemed to be too busy to care about us. They fought all the way from the field to the middle of the road. Many of us got some behavioural photos –

_C2C8201 1 wm

_C2C8178 1 wm

_C2C8142 1 wm.jpg


© Will Parkinson

David brown hares

© David Chapman

To finish off –

_C2C8587 1 resized

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog and photos 🙂

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