More Snow

More snow arrived in Cornwall last week (even though it is already March and supposedly coming into spring?!) and this time I was ready.  Last Sunday I was constantly refreshing the weather forecast page and keeping an eye out for any snowflakes outside my window.   It was such a rare occurrence in Cornwall and for me, so you can imagine how excited I was.  I immediately walked down to Swanpool as soon as the snow had started to fall, as I missed out on some snowy wildlife photos last time.  The snowflakes this time, I felt, were clumpier and the snowfall was heavier, I was struggling to keep snow away from my camera.  Fortunately it wasn’t as blizzardy as last time (The Beast from the East accompanied by Storm Emma at the beginning of March) so most of the wildlife seemed to not be so annoyed by the snow.

6K0A9505 1 wm

The youngsters from last year have all moulted completely into their adult white down, and the mating season is kicking off.   Mute swans were becoming aggressive and charged each other up and down the nature reserve, filling the air with snorts, grunts and flapping noises.  Fortunately two of them were not caught in the commotion and came to check me out, and of course posed for me.

6K0A9487 1 wm

Despite the snow, coots continued their daily brawl over territory

6K0A9492 1 wm

Herring gulls and black-headed gulls took refuge in the middle of Swanpool, occasionally all of them would take flight and circle in the air before landing again

6K0A9556 1 wm

This mute swan decided to have a taste of the snowflakes. It seemed to be intrigued by the texture and took a few more bites before going on to preen.

6K0A9647 1 wm

The pair of mute swans decided to come even closer to have a preen

6K0A9576 1 wm

Two rather wet pied wagtails patrolled the water’s edge

6K0A9615 1 wm.jpg

Song thrush – very easy to spot in the snow

6K0A9642 1 wm

Mandatory photo of a robin in the snow

This robin had just come out of the woods, it hung around for a few seconds on a post before flying off, allowing to take my first ever photos of a robin in snow!

Because of the freezing temperatures we have been experiencing, unfortunately many birds did not make it.  Considering it is now officially spring, it is still quite chilly and I am not seeing many bees out yet.  I wonder to what extent the wildlife will be affected by the cold spells…

On Monday morning the sun showed its face for the first time in forever. I feared the snow would thaw really quickly in the warm sunshine, so I woke up early and raced to Castle Beach with drone in my backpack.  It wasn’t windy at all from where I was standing, but I kept getting ‘high wind velocity’ warnings on my screen when I sent my drone up in the air.  As expected, Falmouth looked amazing from above within the snow. I took some videos and photos (mostly for panoramas) and landed the drone when the battery dropped to around 30%.  I was hoping to get another flight in along Penryn River but by the time I got there the wind had picked up considerably (no way I could have took off safely) and most of the snow had thawed so there wasn’t any point in risking crashing my drone… Here’s a panorama of Falmouth from Castle Beach, stitched from around 10 horizontal photos.

Falmouth Pano from Castle Beach wm.jpg

To end this blog post, here is a short montage of Falmouth in the snow from the air, thanks for looking!

All Images © Daphne Wong Photography All Rights Reserved.
Do not use, download, post, publish or distribute any image or photo within this website for any use whatsoever without prior written permission and consent.


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