Crab Camouflage

credit:   full independent production

‘Crab Camouflage’ is a short documentary about the research on camouflage in Furrowed Crabs and Shore Crabs conducted by Master by research student Jenna Proctor.  Following Jenna’s work for a year, the film aims to visualise and communicate science through images and film.  Work was conducted as part of the Sensory Ecology Lab at Exeter University.

featuring Jenna Proctor –

Sensory Ecology Lab –

Let It Bee: Keeper of British Black Bees

credit:   full independent production

‘Let It Bee: Keeper of British Black Bees’ is a portrait documentary about Matt Pitt, a beekeeper in West Cornwall. Matt does not use beekeeping practices that are unhealthy for the bees. He also tells the story of the British Black Bees, the major threat honey bees are facing – Varroa mites, and the importance of the bee in the ecosystem. This film underlines the threats facing the British Black Bees, as well as Matt’s respect and care for bees and how he lives in harmony with British Black Bees.

featuring Matt Pitt –


Conserving the Cornish Chough

credit:  camera operator, editor

In celebration of the 15th year of the return of the Cornish chough, a film for the Cornish Chough Conservation Network including RSPB, National Trust, Natural England and Cornwall’s wild red-billed choughs.


In A Drop

credit:  camera operator, editor

‘In A Drop’ explores the secrets in a drop of pond water. Filmed from a microscope; ‘In A Drop’ is an experimental documentary showing life in the freshwater ecosystem and a world unknown too many. By using subliminal imagery we aim to bring this micro realm closer the eyes of our viewers.



credit:  camera operator, editor

‘Fungi’ explores the life cycle of fungi, utilising time-lapse sequences in order to grant insights into the life of a mushroom.