The Imperilled Mascot

reblog from A Focus on Nature - It was a gloomy morning in the winter, standing on the pier our faces were already constantly whipped by the cold gusty wind. We boarded Boat 36826, the vessel the researchers of the Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project have been using nearly every day to carry out…Read more The Imperilled Mascot


– 放慢腳步, 你會看到更多 –

– 放慢腳步, 你會看到更多 – 香港人習慣了節奏急速的生活, 走在路上只往目的地疾走, 對身邊事物不聞不問。 街拍是一種很好的攝影練習, 因為步伐太急速的話, 很容易就會錯過街上的小故事。 街拍讓我們放慢腳步, 多點留意和自己擦身而過的人, 細味一下街上發生的事。 拿著菲林相機, 透過那個小小的取景器, 在構圖和測光的過程中, 你會發現平時看不到的線條、幾何、角度、光與影。 Camera: Olumpus Om-1 Lens: Olympus OM-50mm f/1.4 Film: Fujifilm Superia Premium 400 這次在中環走走拍拍, 雖然天氣炎熱, 但是因為這次帶上的是輕便的Olympus OM-1和50mm鏡, 配上富士Superia Premium 400菲林, 又不時走入商場過過冷河, 所以也不是很辛苦。 沖完掃描的富士Superia Premium 400 色彩驚艷, 紅色特別搶眼, contrast亦高, 也沒有明顯的色偏, 畫面十分細緻。 讓那懷舊的快門聲, 伴我們在這個生活節奏咄咄迫人的城市找到屬於我們的速度。 by Daphne // repost from I-m-ageplayground

Hasselblad 500C – First Impressions

I've always felt attracted to medium format photography and the square format, and unfortunately didn't get enough of that in the last two years of A Level Photography. Last week, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to take photos with a Hasselblad 500C Camera.  On it I had a 12a film back and a Carl…Read more Hasselblad 500C – First Impressions